Can Camille Really Stop Kelsey Grammer's Marriage?

January 21, 2011 By:
Can Camille Really Stop Kelsey Grammer's Marriage?

Camille Grammer is doing everything in her power to stop Kelsey Grammer from marrying his new love Kayte Walsh.

But can she really prevent the nuptials from happening? According to TMZ, Kelsey wants his divorce to be made official on Wednesday so that he can move forward with his life.

Kelsey to Camille: Screw You, I'm Getting Married!

His lawyer says he’s filed all the necessary papers, but refuses to put up a $10 million bond until the money is split between him and Camille. But Camille is trying to say that Kelsey has met her needs, and wants the judge to deny him a quickie divorce.

It doesn’t seem to be stopping Kelsey, who is hell-bent on remarrying when he pleases—and it’s soon! He told People,
"People will know in time," Grammer. We'll make a little announcement in a few weeks."

Camille Grammer Trying to Stop Divorce

"I've never been happier in my life," he added.

I guarantee they’ll get married secretly and then announce it afterwards. He’s been through so much drama with Camille already, who needs the headache of the press knowing the date and location of your wedding?!