Kelly Rutherford's Divorce Getting Ugly

January 14, 2009 By:
Kelly Rutherford's Divorce Getting Ugly

The divorce between "Gossip Girl" star Kelly Rutherford (Lily) might be an ugly one. They’ve already started making some pretty nasty claims about one another. Let’s not forget these two have a child together and Kelly is actually 4 months pregnant at the moment.

Her husband of 2 ½ years, Daniel Giersch, is fighting to have sole custody of their son Hermes claiming that he should live in Los Angeles with him because he will be neglected in NY while Kelly is off shooting Gossip Girl.

Momlogic has the run down of the claims these two are making about each other:

Giersch claims:

- Kelly is typically very stressed out while living at the hotel, given that it is not a family orientated way to live ... [She] goes through waves of frustration and anger given the very stressful life she has at work and having to work as much as 20 hours per day.

- Kelly's tried to hit him and has even attempted to throw a laptop on him while on a trip in Hamburg. She then smashed the computer on the table and it broke. She then shouted and screamed horrible names at him and Hermes started crying.

- Every week, Kelly loves getting her manis and pedis with a two-hour hair appointment followed by shopping sprees. Due to her other interests and work, she only spends 10% of her time with her son.

- Kelly spends so little time with Hermes that recently she didn't even know how to fold and unfold his stroller.

- Kelly doesn't know how to put her son to sleep and breastfeeds him to sleep instead. Giersch claims that he has no problems putting Hermes to sleep when she's not around.

Kelly claims:

- While they were married, Giersch told her that there was an "investigation by the German government," and that he could potentially be arrested in Germany.

- While they were married Daniel would leave the country every three months because he is here on a temporary visa. Sometimes, she claims, he was gone for so long she didn't know where he actually was.

- She is fearful the Giersch will leave the country with Hermes and she won't know where they are.

- When Hermes was an infant and she was breastfeeding, Giersch said things to her like, "I can't wait until we don't need you."