Kelly Rutherford Hires Private Investigator to Spy on Ex

May 20, 2009 By:
Kelly Rutherford Hires Private Investigator to Spy on Ex

Kelly Rutherford is taking her divorce to Daniel Giersch very seriously!

The two are in a nasty child custody battle, and despite saying they would try to settle things amicably, things have taken a turn for the worse.

The Gossip Girl star hired a private investigator to check up on her estranged husband last week, who conducted video surveillance of him. She’s become angry that Giersch doesn’t cover the pool at his LA home, saying it’s a threat to her 2-year-old son Hermes.

According to court documents, Kelly claims, "Hermes is very young, very active, not water safe and in a moment's notice, could fall into the swimming pool.”

Giersch fired back his own claim, saying, "Hermes is not in any danger whatsoever with regard to my pool because I have the pool fully covered with an automatic pool cover. Hermes has no access to the pool area unless I take him to the pool myself."

Since the investigation, a court order has been filed to have Giersch keep his pool covered at all times when Hermes is with him. A hearing will take place on Friday to discuss yet another asinine issue: whether or not it’s too stressful to potty train Hermes while his parents are going through such a nasty divorce.

At this rate, this battle will never end! Imagine the two of them fighting over the real stuff, like money?! We wouldn’t want to be a judge in that court!