Kelly Ripa Finally Finds a Regis Replacement

August 20, 2012 By:
Kelly Ripa Finally Finds a Regis Replacement

Well, it’s about time, girl…

Finally, “Live! With Kelly” will no long feature just Kelly Ripa and whoever happened to be free that week, but instead a real life, permanent co-anchor. Kelly’s found her on screen soul mate and an official announcement on who exactly that is, is expected next month.

In the year since Regis’ announcement to vacate the daytime television spot starting on November 21, 2011, Kelly has pimped out the show to feature a total of 59 different men and women to guest co-host… Some good, some, not so much…

All of which will be considered for the permanent position.

The process went on so long that it seemed like a rotating co-anchor might become a permanent fixture to the series.

But, alas… A big announcement will come on an episode of the new season, which will air on September 4. Though the co-anchor will remain a mystery, the line-up for guests on the episode has already been determined.

The episode will feature both Claire Danes and “American Idol” Season 11 champion Phil Phillips.

To kick off the next season, Kelly will play host solo the day before on Monday, September 3.

The following day, Kelly will take the stage with her new permanent partner in crime.

Previous guest hosts have included names like Ed Robertson, Andy Samberg, Anderson Cooper, Seth Meyers, Rob Lowe, Derek Hough, Carrie Ann Inaba, Cat Deely, L.A. Reid, Alec Baldwin, Martin Short, Jerry Seinfeld, Kim Kardashian, Michael Stahan, Josh Groban, and Kelly’s husband Mark Conseulos.

People guessing at who the pick is going to be have hinted at Meyers and Strahan as finalists. Where guys like Lowe and Hough only showed up for brief appearances on the show, these guys each appeared on the show for over two consecutive weeks.

Personally – and don’t hate – I think Seinfeld’s a good match. Old man swagger goes a long way on daytime TV.