Kelly Preston to Have Silent Scientology Birth

October 27, 2010 By:
Kelly Preston to Have Silent Scientology Birth

Kelly Preston is due to have her baby any day now, and sources have learned that it’s going to be a traditional Scientology-style birth!

According to, Kelly and her husband John Travolta want their religion to play a major role in the baby’s birth.

It's a Boy for John Travolta & Kelly Preston

According to the faith’s birthing guidelines, there is to be very minimal amounts of noise during labor—that means no talking, music, and definitely no screaming!

"One is meant to be as silent as possible so as to not give the child a 'birth engram' with 'hypnotic' type phrases and sounds that will re-stimulate him later in life," a former high-profile leader of the Church, Amy Scobee said.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta Expecting a Baby!

According to the belief, babies should not be subjected to any discomfort via sensory experiences after the birthing process because they've already endured so much pain being born and further distress could haunt them in the future.

So we’ll go ahead and assume that means no epidural too….no thanks!!! We wish Kelly luck with that!