Remember Kelly Osbourne’s Failed Music Career?

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Remember Kelly Osbourne’s Failed Music Career?
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This is the Kelly Osbourne we all know today.


Our favorite purple-haired fashion correspondent from the "Fashion Police" has come a long way since she was introduced to us as a rebellious teen on "The Osbournes" more than a decade ago.


It’s enough to almost make you forget that this woman once had a teen pop/rock music career…



But if you remember her debut album Shut Up, there’s no way you can ever wipe it from your memory bank…

Kelly Osbourne


It featured her debut single “Papa Don’t Preach,” a cover of the classic 1986 Madonna record.


And the eponymous song “Shut Up.”

Which features the highly acclaimed lyric, “Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.”


Unfortunately Kelly’s music career didn't last. After her album received mixed reviews and poor sales (it moved 155,000 copies), her label Epic Records made a last ditch effort to market the album by having Kelly cover a Black Sabbath song featuring her dad Ozzy Osbourne and releasing it with the title “Changes.”

Here they are singing it live.

It didn’t work. Kelly was dropped by Epic Records shortly thereafter.