Kelly Osbourne to Star in Her Own Reality Show

August 12, 2009 By:
Kelly Osbourne to Star in Her Own Reality Show

Kelly Osbourne is set to star in her own reality show this Fall. She’s obviously no stranger to having cameras following her around, as she and her whole family were a part of one of MTV’s first celeb reality shows seven years ago.

This new show will feature Kelly and her model fiancé Luke Worrall as they prepare for their upcoming wedding. A source at MTV says, “Kelly is TV gold. We've been wanting to do something with her for ages. MTV viewers know her well from her time on The Osbournes with the rest of her family so we know they'll tune in in droves.

“She is just the type of person we want on our channel - she's young, smart and knows how to party. And obviously we're hoping the rest of her madcap family will get involved with the program.”

The show will air later this year. Think this is a good idea?? We wouldn’t want cameras on us during wedding planning!!