Kelly Osbourne to Become an Actress

January 26, 2010 By:
Kelly Osbourne to Become an Actress

Kelly Osbourne is turning over a new leaf! We’ve seen her transform this year during Dancing With the Stars, and now she wants to take a break from music.

Kelly tells Closer magazine she wants try her hand at acting! She said, "I had an audition for a film role last week - I can't say what it is yet - and I've just heard back that I'm still in the running!"

Kelly also says she is finding the career change to be a challenge.

She tells the mag, "The audition was pretty scary - you turn up and there's a room full of people all going for the same role. It feels very competitive as everyone's checking each other out."

She’d better get used to that if she wants to be an actress! But knowing Kelly, she’ll shine at whatever she does.