Kelly Osbourne: Stop Bashing My Ex-Fiance!

July 23, 2010 By:
Kelly Osbourne: Stop Bashing My Ex-Fiance!

Kelly Osbourne and her fiance broke up last week because he reportedly cheat on her. You would think she would be pissed at him and want to hear people bashing him right? Nope, that's not the case with Kelly! She left a twitter post telling her fans to calm down and stop bashing her ex.

She tweeted: “'Please stop bashing luke i dont hate him so why should you? we are still best-friends just not dating so enough now please thank you! (sic)”

Despite breaking up Kelly is trying her best to stay positive and carry on living her life.

She added: “Like i have said onwards and upwards from here thank you guys for all your well wishes/support but lets turn this s**t into a diamond!!!!! (sic)"

Her Tweets weren't always so tamed. When the break up just happened Kelly was getting her anger out by posting messages such as, "Luke Worall makes me sick!"

Guess when she got it out of her system, she realized that's not the right approach to take.

She said: “At first I wanted to tell everyone everything and completely bash him because I'm hurt and angry. But at the end of the day, the truth is I did love Luke and that's all that matters.

“I kept up my side of the bargain and kept my side of the street clean, and no amount of male stupidity and no number of sl**ty girls are going to change that.”

She's so nice! We're not sure we would be so nice given the situation!