Kelly Osbourne’s Hair Keeps Kelly Osbourne Famous

May 5, 2014 By:
Kelly Osbourne’s Hair Keeps Kelly Osbourne Famous
Image By: Getty Images / Jason Merritt

Can we just be really really real for a second?

The REALNESS is that Kelly Osbourne is basically famous because she changes her hair so often.

OH MY GOD we can already FEEL THE BACKLASH, but really though, ever since she dyed it silver or grey or whatever, she’s been famous for having hair.

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And then she had purple hair and we were like OMG SHE’S SO BRAVE.

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And then she cut it short.



And then she shaved a little bit off the sides.



Then she styled it hella wacky.



Then she got like, a fauxhawk.



Then she got THE MILEY.



It looks good.



But every time she changes her hair, it becomes a news item.


Now, Google "Kelly Osbourne ‘Fashion Police’".


It’s still all news items about her hair.

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