Kelly Osbourne Postpones Wedding

October 30, 2009 By:
Kelly Osbourne Postpones Wedding

Kelly Osbourne is putting off her wedding to fiancé Luke Worrall because she wants to make sure they're absolutely perfect for each other before she says "I Do."

Worrall proposed to Kelly last November and they were supposed to walk down the aisle in 2010, but she's decided to postpone it a little bit.

She tells OK! magazine, "People think I'm f**king crazy (for not making plans). I don't feel the need to do it (get married) right away - and a lot of times I find people get married for the wrong reasons."

But just because she's postponing the wedding, doesn't mean she's not madly in love with him. She added, "He's unlike anyone I've ever met. He's unpredictable and sweet - not many men his age are willing to admit how much they care."

It's hard to concentrate on anything Kelly says because we just can't get passed the fact that her and her fiancé look like identical twins. One of them needs to get over the blond bowl cut look. It's creepy.