Kelly Osbourne is Afraid She'll Go Back to Drugs

November 19, 2009 By:
Kelly Osbourne is Afraid She'll Go Back to Drugs

Kelly Osbourne has managed to transform herself in a matter of weeks since being a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Not only has she lost a ton of weight, but we’ve never seen her smile so much and look so happy!

Kelly has had her own problems with drugs and alcohol in her past, and knew what her good friend Amy Winehouse had to go through to try and get clean.

She told the Sun, “Everybody has their own journey and path in life and you can’t choose theirs for them, but you can give guidance. I’m not a preacher but if I can share my experience with someone, I will.

“But people won’t get sober or clean unless they want to.”

And Kelly is trying to heed her own advice when it comes to staying off drugs. She admits she worries about falling off the wagon after Dancing With the Stars ends.

“When I’m busy and not left with me in my own head I’m fine,” she said. “I worry about when the show stops — slipping back into negativity, drink and drugs. I’m taking precautions so I won’t get in that position. My life when I drink is so dark and miserable.”

Kelly has come so far, so we sincerely hope she can stay strong and be healthy! She’s such a better person without the drugs and alcohol.