Kelly Osbourne Sprains Ankle During Nasty Fall

February 21, 2013 By:
Kelly Osbourne Sprains Ankle During Nasty Fall

This is one of those stories that makes you go: “Whaa… How?”

Kelly Osbourne has sprained her ankle. But, unlike normal people who injure themselves by falling down some stairs or jogging around the block, the “Fashion Police” star was hurt while attempting to use a public toilet.

On Twitter, Kelly posted a photo of her foot in a brace. Hot green painted toenails poke out from the boot.

The caption on the photo reads: “Got my shoe stuck in a bathroom drain. I was faced w/ spraining my ankle or eating the toilet! Guess what I picked?”

A tough decision, but, as many fans commented, she probably chose the better option. A sprained ankle will heal, but a dirty swirly is something that will haunt you forever.

As unfortunate as this is, we can’t help picturing the sight and sounds of how it all went down. There was probably a lot of screaming and maybe a splash or two.

To help clarify, Kelly continued to explain the play-by-play to her followers:

“…it was right next to the toilet & not screwed to the floor properly so the heel of my shoe went through it & got stuck!”

“I sprained the muscles in my ankle that go up to the back of my knee so it was the boot or crutches! #OverlyDramaticIHearYa”

“I just could not bare the thought of my face landing in a public toilet! However I'm now questioning my decision due to the pain!!!!”

We’re not sure what mom Sharon said about the incident, but we’re assuming it was somewhere along the lines of “this is why we can’t have nice things!”

Feel better, Kelly!