Why Kelly Clarkson’s Family Wasn’t Invited to Wedding

October 22, 2013 By:
Why Kelly Clarkson’s Family Wasn’t Invited to Wedding
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Kelly Clarkson got married over the weekend in a secret intimate ceremony in Tennessee. So secret in fact, none of Kelly’s immediate family were even invited or knew about it.

Celebuzz got in touch with Kelly’s mom Jeanne Taylor who explained why she left the family off the guest list.

“She was so afraid we might be upset,” Jeanne said. “But we were fine with it. I had known that she was under a lot of stress. And we just wanted her to be happy and not stressed out. I think the biggest thing for us to do was to allow her to do what she wanted to do.”

Initially, Kelly was planning to have a big wedding with all of her and her husband Brandon Blackstock’s family there, but became so stressed out by the planning, it started to weigh on her.

“She said they were just so overwhelmed with the tour and they just decided to elope,” Jeanne continued. “But she didn’t want to hurt our feelings. She has had a lot on her plate and I’ve seen her schedule for the next month and Christmas.”