Kelly Clarkson Has a New Boyfriend

March 15, 2012 By:
Kelly Clarkson Has a New Boyfriend

Kelly Clarkson has a boyfriend. This is a big deal, but don’t make a big deal out of it, okay?

Kelly has been single since 2006, and not like we’re counting but that is six years! Anyways, let’s pretend like Kelly spent those six years sleeping with Abercrombie models (which we know she didn’t) but let’s just act like she did!

US Weekly is claiming that her new boyfriend is 25-year-old talent manager Brandon Blackstock, the son of her own manager Narvel Blackstock. Also, fun fact, Brandon is Reba McEntire’s stepson.

Apparently they’ve been together since December 2011. Way to sneak around Kelly Clarkson, high fives, for sure!

A source told the mag, “Before Brandon, Kelly had a really tough time with love. Brandon is just what she needed.”

Anyways, now that Kelly is no longer single, let’s all stop talking about it, because that’s what Kelly would want. WWKD? What Would Kelly Do.

“People are really concerned about my relationship status,” Kelly recently said.

“When I tell people I’m happy being single, they don’t believe me. They say: ‘You have to be miserable being alone.’”

When Kelly split with singer Graham Colton in 2006, people in her small hometown thought she was a lesbian. Kelly set the record straight (pun intended?) on The View, “I’m from a small town so, like, everyone’s married with children or about to have children. So it’s a little had when you go home and people are like - and that’s why people think I’m gay – because they’re like, ‘Why aren’t you married?’ and I’m like, ‘It doesn’t happen for everyone right off the bat.’”