How to Raise a Miss Independent Baby, According to Kelly Clarkson

January 23, 2014 By:
How to Raise a Miss Independent Baby, According to Kelly Clarkson
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Kelly Clarkson just announced that she’s having a baby girl. This is great news for Kelly and great news for America, because the world needs more “Stronger” she-warriors like Kelly Clarkson in the world.

Here’s how to raise your baby à la MIZZ INDEPENDENT herself Kelly Clarkson…according to Kelly Clarkson songs.


1. You have to know when to say goodbye and just be ON YOUR OWN!


2. Sometimes you’re just gonna bottle everything up inside and well, that’s not a great idea.


3. Just keep trucking ahead because you’re not dead yet. 


4. Don’t date an alcoholic. Just, try to avoid it.


5. Don’t date liars. That just sucks.


6. Find other strong women and get brunch together. 


7. You have to believe that you are dope.


8. "Time heals all wounds." People say it because it's pretty true.


9. Sometimes a Miss Independent woman loves those who are not easy to love.


10. Don’t follow any of the rules. Make your own!


11. You gotta walk away when someone refuses to get to know the REAL you.


12. Even though you’ve probably read this on Tumblr a hundred times, it’s true: your imperfections are beautiful.


13. You've got to figure out your junk.


14. You have to be strong enough to tell a man to pack his bags!


15. But mostly, you just gotta be,