Duets Season Premiere Recap

May 25, 2012 By:
Duets Season Premiere Recap

“American Idol” just ended. The next night, “Duets” starts… Are people addicted to singing competition shows?

ABC’s series premiere of “Duets” took place on Thursday night. The show takes the celebrity “coach” idea of “The Voice” and instead makes the team sing together on stage, hence: “Duets.” The result is a lot of performances of songs that you forgot existed.

There are four judges total: Kelly Clarkson, Robin Thicke, Jennifer Nettles, and John Legend. Each host gets two partners who they hand selected from online and in person one-on-one auditions.

The show kicked off with a performance by the judges of “Let Me Entertain You.” The show then went into the back-and-forth of live and backstory format reminiscent of “American Idol.” We get a glimpse into how the judges narrowed down their final selections. Most memorable was Clarkson’s tactic of having her hopefuls perform on tour with her to showcase what they can do.

Competition songs for the night included titles like Legend’s “Ordinary People,” which he performed with his partner John Gray, Clarkson performance of “Stronger” with partner Jordan Merdith, Thicke’s “Magic” with partner Alexis Foster, and Nettles’ Grammy winning song “Stay” with partner John Glosson.

The talent is certainly not lacking on the show, but the production is. Despite the flashy logo and the fancy stage, don’t go into this one expecting “Idol.” The overall attitude is lovey-dovey and there isn’t a strong personality in the room. The result is a high budget look with an empty feel. And a bland host, Quddus, of MTV’s TRL, takes us through it all like a cardboard teddy bear. I give them an “E” for effort.

J Rome was the first performer with his partner Nettles ended up on top for the night, followed by Gray in second and Foster in third. Clarkson’s partners didn’t fare well at all. Both Merdith and Jason Farol ended up in dead last.

“Duets” happens again, next Thursday at 8/7c… That is, if you haven’t forgotten about it by then.