Crazy Kelly Bensimon Claims That She's Not Crazy

July 13, 2010 By:
Crazy Kelly Bensimon Claims That She's Not Crazy

Kelly Bensimon, the Real Housewives of New York ‘star’, is adamant about not being crazy.

In an interview with the Harper’s Bazaar magazine she discussed her freak-out on the show saying, “I’m not crazy. I am unpredictable. I am not in therapy.”

Well that settles it then. One of the basic rules of life (reiterated by cinema) is that anyone who vehemently insists on not being crazy eventually turns out to be telling the truth.

She continues the interview by saying, “I tell my girls, ‘Your mom gets paid to engage in inappropriate behavior.’ It’s an amazing opportunity for them to see that being mean is not okay.

“I tell them, ‘If you’re in a situation like this, walk out. Don’t come back with jelly beans.’”

If anyone had any doubt about her sanity, this statement should dispel it here and now. If she were crazy, would she be able to make such coherent comments? I think not!