Kellie Pickler Gives Us Something To Yee-Haw About In Maxim

July 24, 2012 By:
Kellie Pickler Gives Us Something To Yee-Haw About In Maxim

Yippee ki-yay! It’s time to show your support for veterans! An “American Idol” veteran that is.

Season 5 “American Idol” star Kellie Pickler is gracing the cover and feature spread of Maxim’s Salute to the Military magazine release. The North Carolina native does us all a favor by showing off her not-so-girly girl side in the issue.

In the issue, Kellie rocks a military themed skimpy outfit sure to make any guy opening the magazine salute with joy.

Posing in a military green-brown high-waisted two-piece suit, the outfit hugs her curves just right. She wears a classic Hollywood necklace and her golden locks are tosses back in pure messy-chic form.

In several of the shots she poses with four uniformed officials. In one photo, the four lucky lads hold her up above the words “All-American Idol.”

She also wears a white, revealing swimsuit, a scanty evening gown and a sweater and panties ensemble in other shots.

But skin isn’t the only thing that she shows off in the issue. The cover story delves into other ways of supporting the troops, including her five tours overseas with the USO.

On the last trip, the country gal got to open fire with serious artillery.

“We shot everything: M16s, .50-caliber grenades launchers!” she said. “I shot all the guns on the Black Hawks. Hundreds of bullets come out at a time. It’s crazy.”

She also talked about her unexpected iPod playlist… As in Marilyn Manson.

'The Dope Show,’ ‘The Beautiful People,’” she said. “My friends are like, ‘Pickler? Where’d you go? Come back to us!’”

According to Kellie, she’s living proof that country girls can be trouble… In a good way!

“We might be, but we can also con our way out of it,” she finished. “A country girl can talk her way out of a ticket. Not that I’ve ever been pulled over.”