Kellan Lutz Packs On PDA With Girlfriend

November 8, 2011 By:
Kellan Lutz Packs On PDA With Girlfriend

Immortal star Kellan Lutz didn't hold back at Monday night's premiere. He did his obligatory red carpet posing and autograph signing, and then he headed over to girlfriend Sharni Vinson and planted a big kiss on her. The two have reportedly been dating since July.

Alongside Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke and Freida Pinto, Lutz stars in the 3-D action flick as Poseidon, god of the sea. And as long as he's playing a Greek god, I guess he might as well look like one. Lutz is completely ripped in the movie, wearing a suit of armor that accentuates his eight-pack.

Lutz said of playing Poseidon: "It's great because I don't think it's been done yet. I don't think anyone's really created a young god."

And the whole eight-pack thing? It was very much encouraged on set.

"We always had weights on set. We also had trainers. We had nutritionists. I felt pampered."

Kellan rose to fame after starring in the Twilight series, and he'll also be seen in the long-awaited Breaking Dawn flick, the fourth movie in the Twilight Saga.

Lutz says that this latest film will be a lot more…adult than the others.

“There's a lot more skin, first of all. It's for a more mature audience. Our audience has grown up with us, and we have to grow along with them."

And I guess growing along with them includes bashing headboards in hot, passionate vampire banging.

When it comes to dating, Lutz says he doesn't really try very hard. And here's why:

“I don't Google myself, but I've heard that people think I'm gay. I've heard it all. See, I don't really go after girls. Most of the girlfriends I've had have come after me.”

He added that women often get offended when he doesn't hit on them.

"They'll transform their insecurity into, 'Oh, that makes sense, because I heard you're into guys and have a boyfriend.' I'm like, 'Seriously? That's your tactic to get me to like you?' There will always be rumors, but I know who I am,” he added.

After months of dating rumors, Lutz and actress Sharni Vinson went public with their romance in September. An insider said, "She's a lot of fun. They are both very into working out. They hang out in Venice a lot and just stay low-key."

Immortals hits theaters November 11.