Kelis and Nas: Back On!

September 16, 2009 By:
Kelis and Nas: Back On!

After spending a ton of money on legal fees, Kelis and Nashave reconciled.

The couple, who split in April while Kelis was pregnant with their first child, have decided to give their marriage another try and were spotted together as recently as Monday night in New York.

They showed up hand in hand at New York's Marquee Club on Monday and were seen kissing inside.

A source said: “Nas and Kelis were celebrating his birthday with some friends and you couldn’t tell they were divorcing to look at them. They seemed very intimate and were kissing and hugging and even left together.”

Neither camp has officially confirmed the reconciliation yet, but Kelis gave us a hint to it on her twitter page. She wrote, “I'm in a great mood today down right giddy idunno why but its good!(sic)”

Bet they're regretting all the court drama they went through just a few months ago when they first split. Kelis filed for divorce in April because she was reportedly tired of Nas' verbal abuse and alleged infidelity.

The judge ordered Nas to pay Kelis $30,471 a month in spousal support and another $9,027 a month for child support. They welcomed their first child together in July. He was also ordered to pay
$45,000 for Kelis' legal fees and for a forensic accountant.

They have another court date scheduled for the end of the month to settle more finances, but from the looks of things, wedding #2 may not be too far behind.