Keith Urban: I Don't Know If I'd Compete on 'American Idol'

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Keith Urban: I Don't Know If I'd Compete on 'American Idol'
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Shows like FOX’s “American Idol” are changing the way the music industry works.

For veterans like Keith Urban, who is serving as judge on the singing competition’s 12th season, the task of launching from a small town hero to superstardom overnight is a bit daunting.

“I love people getting a shot,” Urban told Hollyscoop on the Oscars red carpet, standing beside his stunning wife, Nicole Kidman. The actress wore a shiny, floor-length mermaid gown to the ceremony, a dress Urban said he “majorly green lit.”

“People that come from the middle of nowhere and get a chance to be heard by everybody," he added.

Still, when asked by Hollyscoop if he would compete on “Idol” himself, Urban was hesitant.

“I don't know,” he said. “I'd like to think I have the courage to do it. It's a big thing. I never forget that when they're standing in front of us singing. It's a big thing.”

Instead, he prefers watching the magic from the comfort of a judge’s seat, a place that will at least still be there for him to return to week after week.

Will he come back for more fun on lucky number Season 13 next year?

“I'm really enjoying this season," he said. “I tend to take things one at a time, but this is a lot of fun.”