Keira Knightley's PSA Too Violent For UK TV

April 27, 2009 By:
Keira Knightley's PSA Too Violent For UK TV

Keira Knightley’s PSA for domestic violence was just a little too intense for British television.

The video, entitled The Cut, has been banned from British TV screens until it heads back to the editing room.

The spot features Keira being pushed to the ground by her boyfriend, after he suspects her of having feelings for a co-worker. The organization responsible for the video, Women’s Aid, has stepped forward in defense of the ad.

Charity spokeswoman Lucy Brown told E! News, "We were very careful to reflect what we had heard [about domestic abuse] from anecdotal evidence.”

She also mentioned that the video, which has been viewed online over 1 million times, is working and receiving a positive response. But Clearcast is refusing to allow the PSA to be broadcast on British TV screens until the footage is edited.

Do you think the PSA is too violent?