Confirmed: Keira Knightley To Tie The Knot With British Rocker

May 25, 2012 By:
Confirmed: Keira Knightley To Tie The Knot With British Rocker

Keira Knightley is going to be a bride!

Hollyscoop has confirmed that Keira Knightley, arguably the world's most beloved pirate wench, is set to marry British rockstar James Righton.

And while her fans might be anxiously awaiting more details on the engagement and inevitable wedding, Knightley isn’t likely to confess as she believes celebrities’ personal lives should remain just that, personal.

"I hate knowing too much when I'm going to the cinema and watching as a viewer… I don't want to know that the actor has just gone through a divorce. I don't want to know that the person is an alcoholic. It just gets in the way of my pleasure of watching the character."

Considering the 27-year-old star is said to be worth £30 million (About $47 million USD), it would appear she’s yet to have made any media missteps that have diminished the pleasure people feel for her “characters.”

Righton, who plays keyboard for the British indie rock band Klaxons, recently took up residence in Knightley’s London home. The two, who have been dating for a little over a year, are already thinking of expansion. The elusive Knightley has been seen looking for an additional residence in the country.

And, as a source revealed, “They want to get a puppy. It's all pretty serious." There you go people, nothing says happily ever after like a puppy. Congratulations to the (very photogenic) couple.