Keanu Goes To Court

October 29, 2008 By:
Keanu Goes To Court

Matrix star Keanu Reeves made an appearance at an LA court yesterday to take the stand and defend himself against allegations.

He went up there and denied claims that he purposely hit paparazzi photographer Alison Silva, 28, back in March 2007 with his shiny Porsche. Keanu told the jury that he was merely edging his car forward so that the photographer would move.

The actor said, "to my recollection, I didn't hit him. I [saw] his legs cross and he [started] to kind of stumble." To which Alison testified, "I was nervous. The bumper of the car hit my right knee. I don't remember myself stumbling with my own feet...I went backward on my hand."

With $40,000 in medical bills from the accident already outstanding and another $50,000 of work needed, the photographer is clearly looking to be compensated. Stay tuned because the trial is set to run until the end of the week.