The Two Reasons to Get Excited About the Grammys

January 22, 2014 By:
The Two Reasons to Get Excited About the Grammys
Image By: Getty Images / Christopher Polk

The 2014 Grammy Awards are this Sunday on CBS and there are so many reasons to watch. So many reasons.

1. We can’t wait to see what everyone’s going to be wearing on the red carpet.


2. It’s always such a fun, outlandish carpet.


3. Katy Perry will be there apparently and who doesn’t want to see Katy Perry.


4. Beyoncé and Jay Z are performing and we cannot wait to watch them shut it down together.


5. Or what Bruno Mars will sing just a week before his Super Bowl halftime show.


6. And good Lorde! We love that song “Royals.”


7. Someone could mess up their lyrics on stage and leave us speechless.


8. The “Album of the Year” category is such a tight race and we can’t keep our eyes off it.



And that is why the Grammys are truly a heavenly experience.