Tim Tebow Addresses Dating Rumors: 'I'm Just Having Fun'

February 21, 2012 By:
Tim Tebow Addresses Dating Rumors: 'I'm Just Having Fun'

Tim Tebow is the most sought-after thing in the sports world since the jockstrap. So it’s no wonder the NFL star has been linked to everyone from Katy Perry to Jenny McCarthy.

Hollyscoop caught up with Tim Tebow at Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards. And Tim might be a football star, but off the field, he’s no player.

“You know, I’m just having fun and enjoying my life,” Tebow told Hollyscoop.

Yeah uh huh...Oh, sorry! I was too busy gazing into your eyes, Tim Tebow. You were saying?

“[I’m] trying to enjoy every moment and not get too caught up in any of the hype,” Tim tells us.

So what about that Katy Perry rumor-- are you guys secretly dating? Is there truth to any of these celebrity hookup rumors?

“No, there’s not,” Tebow tells Hollyscoop.

Tim Tebow is, hands down, the new It Guy in football. He even gives David Beckham a run for his money as hottest athlete alive. But when he’s not ‘Tebowing’, would Tim consider ‘Beckhaming’? (aka posing in an underwear ad)

“Uh,” Tebow bashfully replied to our question. “I’m very excited to be with Jockey, and I think how they do everything is extremely classy.”

Just what are you trying to say, Tim?

“I’m so proud to be with them and what a great company they are.”

Good looking and diplomatic.

We also asked Tebow if he’d ever give up football for another passion.

“I love playing football, and I’ll probably do that as long as a can,” the star told Hollyscoop. “But you know, that’s just a career. What I want to do with my life is through my foundation.”

The Tim Tebow Foundation works with Cure International to bring both physical and spiritual healing to the world’s poorest children.

Tim tells us his man goal is “making a difference in people’s lives.”