Russell Brand Talks About Katy Perry Dating John Mayer

February 6, 2013 By:
Russell Brand Talks About Katy Perry Dating John Mayer

Like any prideful dude, Russell Brand claims to be over his ex-wife Katy Perry. It's been seven months since his much-publicized divorce was finalized from the pop singer and the split, though a rough episode for both involved, hasn't left either side bitter.

Well, if you listen to the lyrics to Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" again, then maybe just a little bitter.

For Russell on the other hand, it's clearly more bittersweet. When he sat down to chat with Howard Stern on the shock jock's Sirius XM radio show he only had relatively nice things to say about her, refusing to give an unpleasant soundbite on-air, which is impressive considering the electricity to Howard's show is solely powered by swear words and negativity.

"So help me God, Howard Stern, I will not compromise my ex-wife's vagina for the sake of ratings!" Russell promised. "That woman was perfect from top to bottom!"

What Howard was able to do however was get the British star to open up about the past relationship, specifically on the topic of her current on-again, off-again beau John Mayer.

"What do you make of your ex-wife dating John Mayer?" Howard asked Russell on his radio show. "Doesn't she know that he's a worse womanizer than you?"

"Worse or better, depending on how you view it," Russell answered.

"He's a better womanizer, then,"  Stern quipped back.,

"Hold on, I resent that! I'm world class!" Russell then decried.

Russell then followed it up with a surprisingly mature and grounded statement meditating, "You have to let go of the instinct to protect someone once you divorce them."

Yes, it's all jokes, but you know what they say about those—there's often truth to them. Not to mention comedians and funny people in general tend to be really sensitive souls who crave validation deep down, resorting to jokes as defense mechanisms. In this case, it kind of sounds like Russell could be merely deflecting the feelings he still harbors for Katy. Celebrities, they're just as sad as the rest of us!