Russell Brand Says He's "Doing Well" After Split From Katy Perry

March 31, 2012 By:
Russell Brand Says He's

Russell Brand has spoken out about how he’s handling his divorce from Katy Perry and let’s just say he doesn’t have nice words to say. It’s safe to say their breakup was not like Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s.

He says he’s “doing well” and he didn’t really need to let go of anything because he didn’t have anything to let go of in the first place. Confused? I’ll let him explain.

He said: "I'm doing well. You don't need to brush it off if you don’t get it on you in the first place.

"I don't have to let anything go. I don't hold on to anything negative. It's the same as zero-ness.

Still confused? I think you will start understanding after the following quote.
"It's not about letting it go. You can't let go of something you don't hold, you know. It's meaningless, [and] much of our world is predicated on meaninglessness. And I don't do that anymore."

The divorce must have been a long time coming for the two because they literally both moved on almost immediately after announcing the split. Russell is now dating Nikolett Barabas and Katy is hooking up with some hot French model.

So there should really be no hard feelings right?