Russell Brand Removes Matching Katy Perry Tattoo

March 26, 2012 By:
Russell Brand Removes Matching Katy Perry Tattoo

Well, it’s official. Russell Brand has had his matching tattoo with Katy Perry permanently removed. Although I’m pretty sure we can just say, “removed.” I could be wrong, but I don’t think they come back.

Katy and Russell got Sanskrit tats on the inside of their right arms, which meant “go with the flow,” shortly after their 2010 engagement. Russell headed to Hollywood’s Shamrock Tattoo studio early Saturday morning, to get the ink removed, according to Hollywood Life.


Russell joins a handful of other celebs who have had their tattoos removed. Probably the most infamous matching celebrity love tattoos belonged to Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie. Angelina had “Billy Bob” on her bicep, but then removed it and covered it up with the birthplace coordinates of her kids. She already has six, and she and Brad are hinting at more, so yeah--her entire arm will be covered in numbers by the time these two are done.


Then there was Johnny Depp’s infamous “Winona Forever” tattoo he had inked on his arm when he dated Winona Ryder. Rather than remove the whole thing, Depp had the “na” removed, and it now reads: “Wino Forever.”


Kathy Griffin had a wedding band tattooed on her finger (classy!) but after the marriage ended, she had the band removed.


Britney Spears had some Hebrew lettering inked on the back of her neck. It was reportedly a Kabbalah-inspired tattoo that read “God.” But the tattoo is since gone, and Britney is thought to have enlisted the help of laser tattoo removal.