Moving Vans Spotted Outside Katy Perry and Russell Brand's House

January 5, 2012 By:
Moving Vans Spotted Outside Katy Perry and Russell Brand's House

Are you having Déjà vu too? Because it reminds you of when moving vans were spotted outside Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's house, and you cried a little bit that day and wrote about it in your diary and...just me then? Ok.

Yesterday, moving vans were loading up Katy Perry and Russell Brand's belongings outside their seven bedroom three-story home. The couple purchased the Hollywood Hills home in June, so it's sad to see the mansion getting split so soon. Also, it's sad they are divorcing, but really, what a waste of a huge house.

No word yet on who is moving out, but the couple seems to be moving straight ahead with their split, unlike other celebrity divorcee Debra Messing, who after announcing she and her husband were splitting up - they still live together under the same roof.

A source told Us Weekly that Katy Perry was blindsided by the divorce and that she thought her and Russell were just going through a trial separation.

"The plan was for Katy and Russell to have the holidays apart, then see if they wanted to go through with a separation," says the source.

Sadly, Russell went ahead and filed for divorce anyways.

Many friends have speculated why they broke up, but news has come out saying that Russell wasn't a supportive husband, that he refused to perform in a skit on SNL with Katy and called her SNL gig, "not funny."

He also reportedly was bored at all her shows and only went to the LA stop and left early. Also, Katy supposedly couldn't keep up with his bizarre sexual fantasies.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry is reportedly journaling all her distress over the break-up with the hopes of turning it into a hit song, which isn't such a bad idea, "I divorced a sex addict and I liked it," sounds like a hit to me.