Katy Perry's Rumored Boyfriend: She's the Perfect Woman

April 10, 2012 By:
Katy Perry's Rumored Boyfriend: She's the Perfect Woman

I guess ‘perfect’ wasn’t good enough for Russell Brand.

Katy Perry is rumored to be dating model Baptiste Giabiconi, and while he’s shooting down rumors that they’re a couple, he’s not doing much else to convince us otherwise.

“I think the world of Katy,” Baptiste said. “Not only is she beautiful, but she's also extremely intelligent and super-talented. I have always had a big crush on Katy. She is an amazing girl. She is everything a man would want.”

It’s not the first time Baptiste has lost his sh-t over Katy. When she was married to Russell, he gushed about her, adding that if she were single, he’d be all over that.

But Baptiste told Britain’s version of ‘Grazia’ magazine: "We're just friends. But right now, my focus is on my album and my career."

Katy hasn’t commented on her dating life since her split with Russell, but she and Baptiste have recently been spotted globetrotting.

Meanwhile, Russell is reportedly dating Nikolett Barabas, and she recently praised the comedian/actor.

“He’s amazing,” Barabas said. “So funny, he’s beautiful. I like being with him; he’s amazing, so amazing. He’s a good person.”

Russell and Katy’s divorce is supposed to be finalized in June. They announced their split in December after being married for fourteen months. One source close to Brand put the blame on Katy:

“I don’t think Katy really understood what marriage was about. I don’t think she was prepared to give up her career.”

Because everyone knows when you get married you have to also become unemployed.