Katy Perry's Got a New Man In Her Life

April 24, 2012 By:
Katy Perry's Got a New Man In Her Life

Along with the love for Radiohead and "Fauxpac" that fans were experiencing during take two of Coachella this past weekend, Katy Perry was also sharing her love for a new man.

The now purple-haired singer was seen throughout the weekend’s festivities showing her affection for British musician, Robert Ackroyd.

Photos taken at Coachella capture the couple in a series of “relationship” activities, including: kissing, hugging, whispering, handholding, groping, giggling, and secret sharing.

Ackroyd holds the guitarist spot in the rock band Florence and the Machine, headed by vocalist Florence Welch. However, after this weekend, headlines have dubbed him merely as Perry’s (handsy) companion who also plays in a band.

“We’re back bitches,” a chipper Perry tweeted late Sunday, seeming to verify a good time over the weekend.

The new love flame goes into the books as Perry’s second romance since her divorce with ex-husband Russell Brand.

A rep for Baptiste Giabiconi had previously confirmed that a relationship between Perry and the 22-year-old French singer/model was in the works. The statement came after Giabiconi was spotted leaving Perry’s hotel room in March.

Judging by the pictures, Perry didn’t have a Brand or a Giabiconi on her mind this weekend. The singer was all over the Ackroyd.

Is this the real thing, or just a quick fix after a little too much concert consumption?

Yay for us, either way! There’s plenty of recorded PDA for us to gossip about.