Katy Perry's Best Friend Claims Russell Brand Cheated

March 28, 2012 By:
Katy Perry's Best Friend Claims Russell Brand Cheated

Other than the ever-popular “irreconcilable differences”, not much is known over why Katy Perry and Russell Brand split up, but now, signs are pointing towards the fact that Russell Brand most likely, probably, reportedly, may have cheated on Katy Perry.

Here’s the dramz. Katy Perry has a best friend named Markus Molinari, who is a jewelry designer. He retweeted something that actor Jon Schaech (who is also friends with Katy Perry) wrote about cheating and directed the RT at Russell Brand.

“Seeee Russell! RT @JohnSchaech: Cheating is easy, try doing something challenging and be faithful,” he wrote.

In a nutshell, one of Katy’s friends is cryptically tweeting about the fact that Russell cheated on Katy. I’m not surprised; he’s super open about being a recovering sex addict and has cheated on girls in the past.

The sad thing is, last year Katy confidently told RadarOnline that Russell would NEVER cheat on her.

“He’s made no secret of what his life was like before me, but that’s then and this is the future,” she said, “He’s cheated in the past but he knows how good he has it with me and I know he’d never do anything to jeopardize that. I trust him 100 percent.”

Do you believe this tweet about cheating? I mean, Russell is already in a relationship with that yoga chick, whats-her-face Nikolett Barabas something? Isn’t it crazy how quickly they were in a relationship after the Katy Perry split? If you think I'm trying to stir the pot...I am.