Katy Perry Warns Bride-To-Be: Don't Get Married!

March 20, 2012 By:
Katy Perry Warns Bride-To-Be: Don't Get Married!

Katy Perry split from Russell Brand in December after fourteen months of marriage, and now, her advice to other couples seems to be: "Don't do it!"

While Katy was partying at London's Mahiki nightclub over the weekend, she reportedly crashed Laura Cooney's bachelorette party and told her: "Don't do it."

Laura claims: "We were drinking in Mahiki and Katy was dancing nearby. She ran up to me, saying 'Don't do it! Don't get married!' I said, 'I'd thought you'd say that!' She suddenly caught herself and said, 'No, really ... congratulations.'"

Well, it's nice that Katy can have a sense of humor about the whole divorce thing, though I'm betting deep down, she was serious.

"She chatted to me for about 10 minutes. Katy was really, really sweet. She wished me luck," Laura added.

According to Katy's friends, she's so hurt by her split with Russell, she doesn’t think she'll be able to remain friends with him. A friend told the Daily Mirror:

"Things aren’t great between Russell and Katy, and the likelihood of them staying friends dims by the day."

At that same London nightclub, Katy reportedly "bolted out of the door" when she heard that Russell was stopping by. Nevermind that he was in New Orleans, just the mere mention of his name had her running out the door.

"Rather than risk an awkward run-in, Katy didn't take any chances and ordered everyone to move on to a club in Chelsea instead," the source claimed, adding that Katy wanted to hang out at the club because "it's where her best friend Rihanna normally comes to play when she's in town."