Katy Perry Wants to Get Married in a Church

March 18, 2010 By:
Katy Perry Wants to Get Married in a Church

Russell Brand doesn’t seem like the religious type. But his fiancé Katy Perry is pushing for them to get married in a church.

Something people may not know about the pop singer is that she was raised by Christian pastor parents and grew up listening only to gospel music.

A lot has changed since then! She’s currently looking for a venue to get hitched, and recently turned down Brand’s suggestion of the recording studio at Sunset Marquis.

A source tells the Daily Mail, “Russell has been visiting the hotel for years and it is steeped in rock ‘n’ roll history. It’s in the middle of West Hollywood, but it has beautiful gardens and you feel like you are in some kind of tranquil paradise.”

But Katy wasn’t having it! “Katy was keen, but when it was suggested they could have their blessing in one of the recording studios, she put her foot down. Her religious parents would be crushed if she didn’t get married in a church,” the insider said.

But it sounds like Russell is being a good guy, and letting Katy have her way. “Russell said she can have whatever she wants — as long as his mum’s there,” said the insider.

He’s a smart man!