Katy Perry Wants Rihanna to Strip for Her

June 21, 2010 By:
Katy Perry Wants Rihanna to Strip for Her

Katy Perry is so infatuated with Rihanna's lovely lady lumps, she's asked her to strip down for her at her bachelorette party.

When asked how much she wants Rihanna to show, Katy replied: "The whole bit, the whole bit.

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"She's gonna get the message – she's hot I love her and she's the coolest chick and I want all of her curves and we have a lot in common."

Katy admits that RiRi is such a great pal she offered to plan the bachelorette party without Katy having to ask. Katy recently said, "That's the one thing I don't have to plan and I'm really excited about it."

Oh to be a fly on that wall. Can you imagine partying hard with Katy and Rihanna during a naughty bachelorette party?! Take lots of pictures ladies!