Katy Perry Wants Kids ASAP

November 11, 2011 By:
Katy Perry Wants Kids ASAP

She may only be married for one year and sings songs about waking up to strangers in her bed and “skinny dipping in the dark” but Katy Perry says she’s ready to be a mom.

Because the last thing we need is another pregnant celeb to talk about, Perry says, “I would love to have children. I think that’s one of the reasons you get married.”

Perry stopped by the Ellen Degeneres Show and talked about her husband, babies, her career, but mostly babies. Perry married UK comedian, Russell Brand, last October and she thinks he’d make the perfect dad.

“…the person that you marry,” says Perry, “You think, [is] that person going to be a good partner, a good parent.”

Perry’s philosophy on having babies is, “If it doesn’t hurt the first time. I’ll keep popping them out.”

Oh right, the old “if it doesn’t hurt” philosophy.

Katy says, she doesn’t care if having a baby gives her stretch marks and keeps her from being a popstar again.

“I want to have kids! I’m totally fine with saying that. I think some people are worried it’s going to ruin their career, but I want to live a full life,” admits the singer.

Ruin their career? Look at Jessica Simpson… getting pregnant was the best thing to happen to her career since she confused canned tuna for chicken. Simpson has been talked about in the tabloids more times in this last month than ever before. Call it the baby bump effect, but it’s always good for your career.

However, Katy admits, “I’m not sure it’s yet. We’ll see, ya know.”

Ok sure sure. For now, she doesn’t have time for a baby. She’s currently planning a free concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles later this month, and if I know anything about street design in downtown LA and free-anything, this free concert is going to cause several hours of chaos and unnecessary traffic for Los Angelenos. So thanks for nothing Katy Perry.

“I am giving thanks to all of my fans. This is my big announcement on Ellen that no one has heard about or knows about," the singer said. "I played 121 shows up in to the 23rd date, and I want to finish it off by renting out Staples myself and giving a free concert to anyone in the world that wants to come to the California Dreams tour as my last show."