Katy Perry’s Diet is All Fast-Food

August 1, 2013 By:
Katy Perry’s Diet is All Fast-Food

Katy Perry has a nice figure, sure. We just assumed she was on the latest juice cleanse or paleo diet, or eating like the rest of Hollywood eats, which is basically just a step above starving. But apparently Katy pigs out on In-N-Out and never watches what she eats.

Katy’s stylist Johnny Wujek talked to Life & Style and when asked if Katy does a specific diet to look so good in the clothes that Johnny puts her in, he laughed, “Are you kidding? We have the same diet and fitness.”

“We eat In-N-Out, Taco Bell, like all the junk you’re not supposed to eat.”

So how does she go and put on a pencil skirt and a crop top if she’s been eating animal-style fries her whole life?

Johnny says she just works out a lot.

“But then we’ve got to bust a*s and take care of yourself, but we eat awful. Sorry, I just gave it away,” Johnny joked.

Good for Katy, you go girl. You get that Gordita Supreme and then slip into a slit dress! Do you Katy!