Katy Perry: Russell is Obsessed With the Wedding

March 29, 2010 By:
Katy Perry: Russell is Obsessed With the Wedding

In the midst of her crazy work schedule, Katy Perry is planning a wedding. We don’t know how she finds the time, since she’s always bouncing from one appearance to the next.

But we snagged a minute with Katy on the orange carpet for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, and she definitely hasn’t turned into a bridezilla….yet!

British rocker boyfriend Russell Brand wasn’t with her at the event, but she told us about gearing up for her nuptials. “I’m not that obsessed,” Katy told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY. But she did confess that her fiancé is the neurotic one!

She explained, “If we stop for breakfast, he has to stop and get Bride magazine. It gets a little crazy.”

We never would have thought Russ would be so in tune with the planning process! And speaking of getting crazy, we asked Katy about that little rumor pal Rihanna is planning on throwing her a bachelorette party. She told us, “I hope she does,” adding later, “after all the crazy ass presents I sent her.”

Rihanna walked the carpet a few minutes later, and when we reminded her of Katy’s expectations, she covered her mouth and replied, “Is she in there?? Aahh!”

Guess that means Riri should get on that! And as for the wedding date, we tried our hardest to get it out of Katy. After teasing us and saying it would happen “never,” she joked, “It’s going to be the right perfect time when none of you are gonna know!”

We wouldn’t assume any different! Celebs have to be so secretive about their big day now to avoid major paparazzi crashing the event!