Katy Perry 'Part Of Me' Early Twitter Screenings

June 21, 2012 By:
Katy Perry 'Part Of Me' Early Twitter Screenings

Thanks to the power of Twitter and Katy Perry, the popstar is rewarding her loyal Twitter followers with early screenings of her concert film “Part of Me” on July 2 ahead of the theatrical release on Thursday, July 5.

Fans who’d like to check out the film ahead of the rest of the population should head here to buy tickets to the advance showings.

Bonus: Those that see it first will go home with collectible pink 3D glasses and an exclusive pin-up poster. True fans are going to be there on July 2. I’m just saying.

Also, if you call yourself a big-time Katy Kat (Katy Perry fans, for those NOT in the know) you can tweet at Katy and Paramount using the hashtag #KP3DMovieSneak to share your thoughts on the movie and join the conversation. Hey, you never know when Katy Perry herself will throw out a retweet!

“From Katy’s first Tweet announcing the movie, her fans have been incredibly passionate and supportive and we want to make sure they are among the first to see the film they helped shape,” says Amy Powell, President of Insurge Pictures at Paramount.

Check out our gallery below for behind-the-scenes clips from the film and pictures of vintage Katy before the purple and pink hair and without any make-up on.