Katy Perry "Isn't Ready" to Talk About Russell Brand

February 7, 2012 By:
Katy Perry

She’s so “not ready” to talk that she had all reporters removed from the red carpet at her Saturday night pre-game Super Bowl performance. Wow, diva, for sure.

Katy Perry was worried that if she did interviews before the show that they would undoubtedly ask her about Russell. I mean, obviously. What is Katy Perry doing that is newsworthy, other than divorcing her husband? “Hey Katy, can you talk about your blue hair?”

A source told The Huffington Post, “Katy isn’t ready to talk about what happened with Russell. She wanted to focus on putting on a great show at the hottest party of the weekend and enjoy hanging out with her friends. She knew that if she let media ask questions, they would ask her about Russell and she just didn’t want to go there.”

Let me explain how celebrity gossip works. The longer Katy Perry doesn’t talk about the split, the longer we are going to care about it. If she addresses it, then poof, the mystery is gone and we can move onto the next thing…like is Russell Brand really trying to date Zooey Deschanel?

This is what Katy has to do, she’s got to go on The Ellen Degeneres Show and just spill her guts over what happened with Russell. Ellen will make some jokes about it and then everyone in the audience will go home with a copy of Katy’s book (Oh, by the way Katy, you’ve got to write a book about the break-up…you owe it to your fans) Done and done, someone give me my own talk show.

So anyways, after Katy’s pre-Super Bowl performance she partied the night away with the New York Giants.

She and the team partied at a Marriott hotel (hey, at least it wasn’t a Holiday Inn) in Indianapolis, where she was spotted chatting up the team co-owner Steve Tisch and players Travis Beckum and Jake Ballard.

The best way to get back at an ex, is to date an athlete. This is the only thing I learned from watching “Basketball Wives.” That and, champagne can be consumed at all hours of the day.