Katy Perry Hides Under Table to Avoid Russell Brand

December 4, 2012 By:
Katy Perry Hides Under Table to Avoid Russell Brand

Katy Perry and Russell Brand don’t seem to be on speaking terms quite yet.

Following the high-profile divorce in December of 2011, the couple’s past wounds have yet to heal completely as demonstrated by a recent not-so-smooth encounter.

According to the UK’s The Sun, the former wedded couple nearly ran into each other at The Polo Lounge in Los Angeles. However, instead of facing the tense moment head on like adults, the celebrity duo did everything in their power to make the moment as awkward as possible.

“As soon as Katy saw Russell, she hid under the table,” a source said. “When he was directed to one far away, she emerged.”

Katy was reportedly on a midday date with fellow musician John Mayer, a man that she has been romantically tied to on and off for months now.

“John threw some money on the table and they headed to the back door and their waiting car,” the source added.

But, alas…the professional funnyman was reportedly oblivious to his panicked company.

The source said: “Russell didn't seem to see a thing but everyone in the restaurant saw what happened.”

The Sun’s story seems a little too farfetched and, frankly, bizarre to believe. But other outlets are also confirming the report, adding that Russell was apparently also spying on his former lover and her new man swan.

"On his way to the bathroom, he looked at [John and Katy] through a window!" a witness to the encounter told Us Weekly.

According to the celebrity news publication, the uncomfortable lunch run-in happened on November 11. 

“The hostess almost seated Russell next to Katy,” the witness added. “Katy's face was like, 'Oh, s--t!'”

So, there you have it Hollyscoopers…Apparently, this actually happened.