Katy Perry Hasn't Met "The One," Says Brother

October 18, 2012 By:
Katy Perry Hasn't Met
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Sorry John Mayer, I know you seem to be dating Katy Perry, but Katy's brother doesn't think you're sticking around for a while.

“She deserves a true gentleman, and I don’t think she’s found that,” says her brother David Hudson.

Stop everything! Is he suggesting that Russell Brand the sex and heroin addict and John Mayer the womanizer AREN’T “true gentlemen.” Oh my god, my head just broke.

David thinks that Katy “needs a man who’s changing the world like she is.”

Wait a minute…Katy Perry is “changing the world?” Ok, let’s just go with it.

David also thinks that Katy doesn’t “necessarily [need a guy] in the business, just someone that’s really got something impressive – she can’t be unmatched in that sense.”

However, David says Katy doesn’t take his advice.

“She shrugs it off because she’s her own person. She’s very independent.”

Well, since brother David doesn’t think John Mayer is “the one,” so much for their dates this week.  

Katy Perry went to John’s birthday party this week in NYC where she played the part of dutiful girlfriend sitting on John’s side throughout the whole night.