Katy Perry Gives John Mayer Manicures Now

January 28, 2013 By:
Katy Perry Gives John Mayer Manicures Now
Image By: Splash News

Every couple gets to that point when they start morphing into one another, you know, sharing clothes and adopting similar styles, but then there’s Katy Perry and John Mayer who apparently is letting Katy give him manicures now, because that’s normal.

“I've done my boyfriend's nails, I’ve done all kinds of different nails, I've done my cat's nails, I'm very strange obviously,” Katy revealed at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas.  

Not that there is anything wrong with a man getting a MANicure. Robert Kardashian is constantly tweeting about his manicures. Tim Tebow has been known to get his nails done and I’m sure Ryan Seacrest gets manicures, like twice a day.

But this isn’t the first sign of John and Katy starting to act/dress like each other.

Katy used to rock spandex figure hugging dresses and cotton candy hair and now that she’s been with John she’s all grunge and flower child. 

Katy went from glam to grunge once she got with John, but at least she’s keeping his nail beds clean?

I think Katy is taking some kind of hiatus from music, which is fine, but we had to know if she will ever ditch the hipster duds and get back into some blue wigs and start cranking out pop music!

“I'll be very excited to maybe go on another tour,” Katy revealed.

We are too, Katy. In the meantime, your boyfriend’s gel manicure needs a fill.