Katy Perry Dedicates a Song to Tim Tebow at Super Bowl

February 6, 2012 By:
Katy Perry Dedicates a Song to Tim Tebow at Super Bowl

Katy Perry performed a concert at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night pre-show for the Super Bowl, and when she went onstage to perform a song she dedicated it to Tim Tebow.

First of all, Tebow wasn’t even playing in the Super Bowl. So she was just flirting.

Katy said, “This goes out to Tim Tebow” and then launched into a rendition of the song “Peacock” that boasts lyrics like “I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock, your peacock, cock, cock.”

Apparently Katy isn’t down with subtlety.

C’mon Katy…dedicating a song to someone that you barely know? What is this, a made for TV movie about high-school prom and Tim Tebow is the hot athlete you have a crush on?

Actually, kind of true. Katy Perry’s parents reportedly want to set her up with Tebow, because he’s “above all, a good Christian.”

During Katy’s performance, she shouted out to the audience that “everything feels brand new.” I guess she’s trying to say she’s moving on from her ex Russell Brand and is taking a cue from the Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Simpson’s playbook and is ready to date footballers.

You know, that’s what you do when you run out of Hollywood guys, you date athletes. A-Rod figured that out and used it to his advantage.

So anyways, Katy’s onstage flirtation with Tim Tebow might pay off, because her parents are trying to set them up, according to them, “Tebow is the perfect guy…He’s handsome, charming, intelligent and above else, a good Christian.”