Katy Perry Debuts Curvy New Look

January 8, 2013 By:
Katy Perry Debuts Curvy New Look
Image By: Splash News

Katy Perry isn’t setting off any fireworks in this new photo…

The shot showcases the “Wide Awake” singer’s new look. A look that says: “If you let yourself go over the holidays, not to worry. You weren’t the only one.”

(I should preface this by saying that Katy’s is no Jessica Simpson-pregnant-lady-Chili’s-every-day kind of letting herself go. Still, for the petite pop star that we’re so used to seeing bounce around stage with weightless effort, it’s a little shocking.)

In the photo, Katy dons an odd, tribal pajama ensemble, complete with patterned headband and boxer shorts, appearing to have just finished up a morning hike. 

She wears a pair of slip-on water shoes that are decked with mud, and an impromptu cowboy-like bandana.

Along with her frumpy style choice, it could also be noted that Perry is a little—ahem—curvier than usual…

She was captured in the photo while in Hawaii, where she reportedly spent a romantic holiday getaway with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, John Mayer, who apparently doesn’t mind what she wears or looks like. 

But, because everyone—yes, even Katy Perry—is entitled to a chubby day now and then, we’d like to supplement this post with some good news aimed at the “Part of Me” singer’s appearance. 

Men’s Health magazine has already named her at number one on their “100 Hottest Women of 2013” list, beating out the likes of Mila Kunis, “Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence

Whether or not they’d seen this photo before giving her the number one spot is unclear, but it’s a little too late to revoke that title, anyway. Right?