Katy Perry "Bolts" from Nightclub to Avoid Russell Brand

March 19, 2012 By:
Katy Perry

She unfollowed him on Twitter, how awkward would a run-in be? Plus, the whole divorce thing and all.

Katy Perry was at a club when someone told her Russell Brand would be there, and she quickly left the place.

Hanging out in London at the celebrity hotspot Mahiki Nightclub, Katy was enjoying a private room. When someone said her estranged husband, Russell, was heading to the nightclub, she left quickly to avoid an “awkward run-in.”

"She wanted to spend the night singing in the room as it's where her best friend Rihanna normally comes to play when she's in town,” a source told the Metro newspaper.

And, according to the source, it wasn’t just a calm, “well, I guess we better get going” exit. She apparently “bolted” out of the club.

"Katy was having a great night but bolted out of the door when one of her sidekicks stunned her by telling her Russ was about to turn up.”

The source adds that Katy had her entourage move on to a different club in Chelsea. But as it turns out, Russell wasn’t even in London. He’s been in the States, shooting a new movie in New Orleans.

In fact, just last week, he had a legal run-in after he threw a photographer's iPhone through an office window in the Big Easy. Oh, and when I say the “big easy,” I’m referring to New Orleans’ nickname. Though it would probably be a good one for Russell Brand, too.