Katy Perry Being Consoled by Hot Male Back-Up Dancer

January 30, 2012 By:
Katy Perry Being Consoled by Hot Male Back-Up Dancer

Omigod, Jennifer Lopez has started a trend. What do you do when you split from your high-profile celebrity relationship? Date your less famous, far younger, male back-up dancers.

Male back-up dancers are awesome because they know all the words to Lady Gaga songs, they can probably bench press you and they are also usually good at doing back flips, but they are straight, it’s like the craziest thing.

Katy Perry has apparently been hanging out with her backing dancer Malik Le Nost, whose been “helping her cope” through her break-up, though a source is adamant that the couple is strictly platonic. Riiigghhht. Helping her cope is code for booty call. Let’s be real.

A source told the Sunday Mirror, “During the tour last year, Katy became extremely close to her band and backing dancers. They all lived in each other’s pockets and everyone knew how much Katy was suffering – not least of all Malik.”

Then, once Katy broke up with Russell, things started getting flirty between her and Malik.

“Throughout her trip to India, Katy spent a lot of time with him. The pair would often stay up late into the night chatting and drinking in the hotel bar. When they were dancing on stage together, it was clear she only had eyes for him,” says the source.

Then, the couple reportedly started having giggle fests over inside jokes. Omigod lol, inside jokes totally mean they are boning. That’s fact.

“In sound check on the day of the last show, the pair started falling about in fits of giggles over a private joke. It was as if they were a couple. Malik shot her cheeky winks across the stage and showered her with hugs. Katy was clearly loving the attention.”

This whole relationship just screams Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez. I can’t deal. It’s only a matter of time before Katy and this Malik guy are spotted vacationing in Hawaii with Katy’s kids. Does Katy have kids? Doesn’t matter, Malik is moving into her Hollywood Hills home in 3-2-1.