Katy Perry and Russell Brand Didn't Discuss Divorce Before the Split

January 12, 2012 By:
Katy Perry and Russell Brand Didn't Discuss Divorce Before the Split

Katy Perry was actually blindsided when Russell Brand filed for divorce.

Unlike other Hollywood couples who make a statement to People mag about how they are going to split, and then they get back together several times and try to "work things out," and then finally divorce and make the announcement by appearing together on the cover of some tabloid magazine...Katy and Russell did no such thing. Katy went away for the Holidays and when she came back Russell had filed for divorce.

That's F'd up. Happy New Year, Katy Perry! You're single whether you like it or not! Love, your (ex) husband.

A source told Hollywood life that Katy and Russell were just having "normal couple problems" and only spent Christmas apart because they needed to take a break, but divorce never came up.

"Katy and Russell were having normal couple problems. There was no talk of divorce around Thanksgiving. It all happened right before Christmas but no one, not even Katy saw the divorce coming."

The source also adds that there is "zero chance" of the couple getting back together.

If a former heroin and sex addict and a twenty-something pop star can't make their marriage last, where is the hope for the rest of us?

Meanwhile, Katy's stuff has all been moved out of their Hollywood Hills mansion and into a new mansion three miles away. Nothing like getting over a break-up by moving one neighborhood away. She should have moved further away, otherwise she's going to run into him at the post-office, the gas station, and the corner where Brand will inevitably end up trolling for hookers.